Linkbuilding is one of the most important SEO techniques, but also the most labour intensive. A continuous activity in which you try to gather as many links as possible and as relevant as possible. But why is this essential? The main reason to linkbuild is because Google uses your links to determine how important your website is. Google sees the links pointing to you as recommendations from others. The more recommendations, the more important your website is. Besides that it makes a difference who makes the recommendation; qualitative link building.

Qualitative link building

There are possibilities to quickly obtain many links. However, this is increasingly rejected by Google. Links obtained in a ‘natural’ way are assigned much more value by Google. That is why it is better, for example, to obtain links gradually. Some other tips are:

Preferably no link exchange – links that point to you, without a referring link, get more value.
Relevant websites – take care of links on websites that are comparable in content.
Relevant landing pages – make sure your pages really add something.
Websites with authority – the more important the other website is, the more value the link has.

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What is Link Building

Content is King
The most successful way of link building is to create valuable content. At the same time, this is unfortunately also the most labor-intensive way. The principle is simple; you write articles (or create videos, images, etc.) to inform, answer questions or give tips. In order to know which questions are topical, you can browse forums, for example, and then dedicate a page to them. Getting links to this deeper page is then a piece of cake. Additional advantage is that Google gives more value to a good balance between links to your homepage and deeper pages (natural looking link profile). There are many other link techniques to think of. Acting as natural as possible, however, remains the red thread.

Would you like to know more about efficient SEO techniques? Ask the link building specialist!